Saturday, 5 February 2011


It's been a long hard week at work, just getting into the swing of it, think it'll take some time. Just taken over another worker's case load of core visits, hence an extra day at work, of sixty families, yes sixty families, that is one scary number. But atleast my working 'week' will fly by as my days will be so full!

But in the good news, our walls in the front room are all smooth and lovely and Simon has been priming the plaster to paint. He's slopping on a coat of white to the cieling before bed as we speak. I have been and chosen the colour, decisions are so hard. I have a picture in my mind of how the room will look and it took a while to find the right colour, it's called 'Espresso Delight' and is a beautifully warm but not dark tone, like a very milky coffee. I can't wait for it to go on tomorrow :)

As usual time and money have got in the way (or disappeared) so the book casing will have to wait for another pay day to come and go but hopefully there will be enough in the pot to get the skirting board on and get a blind made for the window so we can at least redistribute the furniture and get the telly out from under Seb's cot and up on the wall!

Francesca came with me today to help get the last of the paint and painting supplies, good job she did as I got distracted by light shades, we need three for the mo (hallway, bottom of stairs and front room). There were lots of shades in the sale, not having Simon with me to bounce ideas off I got the camera out of my bag and my lovely assistant helped me record our finds to bring home to my lord and master for inspection.

This is one I liked for the hallway, as yet unpainted, will be glistening white and airy, we have blackened iron coat and shoe racks, pram, wellies (the usual gubbins), as we can't afford to replace the staircase we paln to paint the very worn treads with a high gloss paint, at the moment we seem to be agreeing on a deep green, I thought this shell shade would be nice;

Then on the shelf full of shell shades I spotted this one, reduced to a fiver, that might work in the front room;

But this one kinda goes with my ideas too;

This one is lush, the picture doesn't really do it justice, it's about two shades lighter than the walls will be and has minty green, black and dark brown branches and leaves, also massively reduced to just £10;

But this is the one I fell in love with, it's very seventies in feel, it has a central shade (so you can't spy the light bulb, always a winner) and three floating bands around it;

It's probably darker than what I had imagined but it's all a new game as we have only just taken down the Ikea paper shades we've had for about a million years. Now the question comes about the dining room, it will be (hopefully by the end of the year) gutted and redone in the smae colour as the front room, we knocked through under the stairs and although they are two well defined spaces they need to marry, do I have two shades the same, or the smae colour, texture or completely different, these decisions are so hard!

Francesca was no help at all and found the shade that she would choose;

I think not love!!

We had fun though and looked at mirrors and other finishing touches too. I can't wait for payday!!

My two interior deisgn assistants;

The sky here is so dark and the rain has been falling for days, our moods seem to be matching the weather this week so am going to indulge in far too many cuddles tomorrow and perhaps some popcorn and a movie!

Hope you are warm and dry too!

Daisie xxx


Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm rubbish at making decisions, spend ages looking for things, making short lists and umming and ahhing and then panic at the last minute and wonder if I've made the right decision. So no help I'm afraid.

jennyflower said...

I like the roses- but it sounds like you are going for a much classier look! I'm sorry you've all been feeling a little flat- hope it all lifts soon- I reckon the popcorn will help! xx

Swirlyarts said...

Lots of decisions! The insulation is going in our cellar today so we will be sorting our front room too soon :) Exciting!

Twiggy said...

Hope you get into the swing of things. I started work this week and we are trying to get into our new routine too. Great lampshades, I love Ikea!
Twiggy x

Lynne said...

We have the chocolate brown shade but in a beige instead. It looks fab up! Bought it on whilst on a walk round the hospital grounds trying to persuade number two child to make an appearance. There's always room for shopping even when your waters have broken!

Sweet Mess said...

Time and money do always seem to disapear don't they...decisions like that are so hard too~ when there are SO many choices.

I hope you have a relaxing rainy day. It sounds like you deserve extra cuddles and popcorn for all that you have taken on.