Monday, 14 February 2011

Roll On Friday!

What a week I have ahead of me! Thought I'd blog today to vent and to remind myself that life is good really even when it seems bad.

Today the car is in for it's MOT, this always worries me enormously; will it pass, will it need loads of work, how long will it take? And then I have the fear of excessive cost, will I have to sell a kidney or offer sexual favours to pay to get it back?! All unnecessary but still a worry. So to combat today's troubles I'll show you Francesca's birthday cake. A deep vanilla sponge with a white chocolate finger fence filled with vanilla cream and strawberries;

Tomorrow I am in the hospital all day. I am being steralised, I have reached the point where I realise that emotionally, physically and financially I cannot afford another pregnancy. It is a decision I have thought long and hard to make and am sure it's the right decision for me. Simon will have sole care of all the children all day. I know he is perfectly capable and I know they are safe in his care but I worry that it will be raining and they will get cold and wet waiting for the bus to school, I worry that the bus will be late, I worry that Nathaniel will not like the change in his routine and be a pain for his Daddy, I worry too much really. Again unnecessary but a worry nonetheless. So to combat tomorrow's worries I am going to show you Francecsa's Learning Log (each child at school has a big book and each friday the class are given a word to do a piece of work on, sometimes it links to something seasonal, something they have been doing in school or something really random. Each piece of work is the child's own work so for some may just be a picture, sometimes more), this weeks' word is Valentine's Day. Francesca disappeared upstair yesterday with glue and paper and an endless romantic nature and came up with this;

It says; "Valentine's day is celebrated every year on Februaury 14th. The day is named after Saint Valentine - the patron saint of lovers. Traditionally people show their love for one another by sending flowers, chocolates and cards known as Valentines." I did try to get her to put that we don't do Valentine's day in our house because my Daddy is a tight ass but she didn't go for that!

On Wednesday and Thursday Ofsted are coming to inspect us at the centre. I know that we all do a brilliant job for the families we work with but the inspectors want to come and observe my baby playgroup. I know and understand the EYFS guidelines we wrok to and the Every Child Matters outcomes we work towards, I know what impact the sessions have on our families but fear I may be the sticky cog in the team as I have no formal EYFS training. The peer support role I fulfill I have no problem with, I know my stuff (and was auditted for the BFI last week and came away confident in my skills and knowledge). I know it will be fine but I am worried how my physical state will be after Tuesday's surgery. To combat the Ofsted worries I am going to show you the start of our room finishing;

The walls are coloured, the chimney breast is pointed and painted, the electrics are in, the skirting board is varnished and waiting to go on. It's all looking rather good!!

Roll on Friday!!

Daisie xxx


Rebecca said...

Oh what a week. But it's just one week and by sunday you can look back with relief.
I'm sure Daddy will be just fine with the children and they will have a great day, come on, what's the worst that can happen with a loving daddy around? Hope you recover quickly, you are a brave woman to reach the decision you feel is right for you.
Francesca's valentine work is beautiful, she has her mama's eye.
As for the Ofsted report, well our local surestart had theirs recently and they chose to sit in on the BF group I was running. I was nervous but the woman explained that she had specifically requested to be the one to monitor our group as she had BF her 2 children past 12 months. She spent the whole time cuddling babies and chatting with our mums, she was lovely.
My thoughts will be with you all week and look forward to reading the "sigh of relief" post at the weekend ;-)

Swirlyarts said...

Busy busy week! Good luck tomorrow :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

What an absolutely gorgeous birthday cake!
I wish you all the best for your operation; don't worry about it raining on your children (or anything else) - "It ain't no use putting up your umbrella till it rains!"

dottycookie said...

Gosh, you've got a lot on. I'm sure your little ones will be fine and Daddy will survive! It will sound odd but I'm slightly envious of your procedure tomorrow - I asked to be sterilised (after two complicated pregnancies and at my age I'd be under hospital care the minute I conceived) but my doctor said that that's not done in my area. I'm mostly happy with the solution she suggested but would prefer not to have to worry about it at all.

Ofsted is hugely nerve wracking and I'll be thinking of you and sure it will all go fine. Good luck!

Hannah said...

I know you are worried (which is understandable) but you seem to be dealing it well by looking at some positives. Good luck for everything you have to combat this week, I know your strength and positivity will carry you through xxxx

Locket Pocket said...

What a week you have ahead of you! Wishing you well for tomorrow Lucy xxx

Bagladee said...

Oh my goodness Alex, you are a worrier aren't you! Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure the children and Daddy will be fine :)

Your cake looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! And I'm loving the colour you're painting the lounge....

Big big hugs xxxx

Two Owls said...

Hope this week flies by without complications and you're breathing a sigh of relief on the other side before you know it!
Take care x

I really get what you're saying about MOTs too, I also get the fear!

jennyflower said...

I don't know what to say my darling- I hope you are not too tender following your procedure- I know that OFSTED will love you. I think the cake is fabulous- the house is looking gorgeous. Keep those big brown peepers on the end of the week.....all will be well. xxxx

JuicyFig said...

I hope everything has gone well for you - Major week!
Hope the next one gets better!


WendyCarole said...

love Francesca's learning log.

as I am behind know your surgery went ok. Good luck with OFSTED