Saturday, 26 February 2011

I Can Now Announce

that we have a full compliment of downstairs rooms again! I really was so very excited I nearly did a little wee! We spent two days with all the furniture in one room again while we waited (and waited) for the floor varnish to dry but it was worth the wait and allowed plenty of piano practice;

My little workie man found space for his tool station when all the big scary tools were put away until next time;

Simon and I put some of the furniture in late on Wednesday night;

Can you spot the button flowers that Lynsey made for my birthday gift a while ago? Have a look Lynsey, you'll be pleased that all the buttons are still twinkling away in the jar and have not been tipped out and used elsewhere!

I am so pleased. Book cases needed now, the wall behind the sofa will be full floor to ceiling, it'll make the room all the more cosy, I am contemplating referring to it as the 'snug' because it's so warm and cosy and 'the front' just doesn't do it justice.

The lovely Ruth from TipTopToppers came today and was the first official visitor to the snug, she made suitable noises of admiration so will be invited again. She also brought a HUGE bag of clothes that no longer fit her big boys that will suit my small boys down to the ground. Recycling at it's very best. Thanks again Ruth!

And I eventually made the fingerless mitts I bought the wool and pattern for at the Knit and Sticth show in November! The yarn is beautiful, the colours are so vivid and it's so soft but the pattern was a shocker;

It all came out just a little too long and just didn't sit right. I rehashed the pattern a bit and made these purple ones;

A much better fit (I may frog the first pair and reknit them). These are for my friend Claire at work who donated lots of this lovely yarn to me ages ago. I have altered the pattern again to make a smaller version for Francesca who just loves them!

I have had a sock monkey featured on a blog and have been given a blog award but I'll mention all that tomorrow, am planning a little light knitting and an early night.

Daisie xxx


dropstitch said...

Your house looks gorgeous! Must be a nice feeling to see the fruits of all your hard work coming together. Enjoy your snug :)

Twiggy said...

That looks lovely and cosy, great knitting too.
twiggy x

Swirlyarts said...

Can't wait to see it with all the bookcases in - will have bookcase envy! Glad that the buttons haven't been used yet - how long will that last though?? :)

Two Owls said...

It must be a wonderful feeling sitting in there now with all your hard work done and it set out as you'd imagined all along. It looks fab - and very snug!

Tip Top said...

Hehehe! Glad I'll be invited back - the boys will be pleased!!!