Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A Day Of Daddies

Thank you for all the beautiful kind comments left here on my last post, I have replied to some of you but ran out of time, if I don't get around to replying please know they were much appreciated!

Well, it turns out I was right to worry about the MOT, infact I had 315 reasons to be worried but the car is road worthy for another year and a diet of beans and whatever's lurking at the back of the cupboard never killed anyone!

I left for the hospital very early yesterday morning, before anyone was awake. It was strange going out in the dark so early, reminded me of when I worked shifts and the only people you see en route to work at 6am are those like yourself off for an early start or those on their way home after a long night shift.

I was first on the surgery list. Which was good but the pain when I woke up was unbelievable. I joked with the staff nurse when I went down to 'get the kettle on' but it took me ages to feel well enough to have a drink. I would rather have given birth, the pain is much easier to stand. My belly was huge (still is a bit but going down all the time) because of the air they fill you with. My stitches are pulling and I cannot wait to remove my surgical stockings when I go in the bath shortly, they itch like mad! But I did see a photo of my uterus and my ovaries, don't suppose there's many women can say that are there?!

Anyway, the Daddy bit. I was so soon out of surgery that friend Claire was not finished work (we had arranged for her to collect me) so I rang my Daddy and he came to escort me home. I was expecting to find Sebastian and Nathaniel with their Daddy but I also found Simon's Daddy with a small boy asleep on his chest;

I had a relaxing afternoon being tended by the men folk and was so pleased to see the girls on their return from school, I think they had been worried about me.

Then friend Claire came and bought me a red rose;

I was in alot of pain last night and have been unable to sleep for very long but my tummy is much softer (and smaller) this morning and to be honest I feel better for getting up and about and having a cup of tea (even if it is silly O'clock), am off to have a bath and remove my dressings and stockings (yay!!!!) and if I still feel like I do now then I'm off to work to face Ofsted, wish me luck!

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

As I said on FB...take it easy!!

Rebecca said...

Oh so lovely to hear from you so soon. Glad you appear to be recovering well. Did you have it via laparoscopy then? I had investigations on my girlie bits that way about 10 years ago and felt incredibly battered for a couple of days after. And then on day 3 coughed and pulled a stomach muscle and ended up off work for 6 weeks!
Good luck with the rest of the week.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Good luck with the Ofsted, I didn't think you would be going back so soon! I'm glad it went OK (apart from the pain).

Yay, for the Daddies!

jackanne said...

Ohh bless you, take it easy and dont rush things, easy said i know and i hope you got your much wanted bath this morning..xx

liz said...

Ouch to the MOT and the Surgery! We had a very expensive mot this month too, and the car tax is due at the end of the month, boohoo!
I am amazed that you are back to functioning at all so soon. I had a laparoscopic procedure like Rebecca and felt terrible for at least a week, that swollen tummy feeling is awful. I have considered the same op myself, but have so far been too much of a wimp! By the way, couldn't help noticing the books in the bookcase. Who is the cthulhu fan? I have a very similar look to my bookcase here.
Hope you are feeling much better and good luck with Ofsted.

dottycookie said...

Good luck if you do go in to work, and do take care of yourself! Have been thinking about you and glad to see the update that you've come through OK!

Twiggy said...

Aww Dad's are the best, I miss mine every day. You take care of yourself missus and let everyone take care of you for a bit.
twiggy x

Sweet Mess said...

I hope you heal up well, and the pain goes away soon.

We are trying to decide if we should do the same~ I feel very much on the fence about it, but it is nice to know other brave folks who have done it.

JuicyFig said...

Argh! sounds horrendous!
Glad all the men are rallying round for you though.


WendyCarole said...

Aren't daddies lovely i miss mine still

hope OFSTED weren't too stressful