Saturday, 29 January 2011


I love my new job, I really do, and have had a slight 'promotion' and am now working three days to make time for the new responsibilities but it's taking some adjusting to. Nathaniel is tired doing three 'full' days at nursery school. Seb is a little more clingy in the evenings. The girls are the same as ever; sometimes good, sometimes not so much. It's such a big change of pace, having not been in the work place for a decade! I am ultra prepared. I make evening meals days in advance and stash them in the fridge or freezer for work nights so I can just come home, stick something in the oven, put some veg on to steam and just be with the children. Even if all we do is pile on the sofa and chat. No reading books, no story books, no confines just catching up and being together. It's good and in some ways I value that tired, slightly grumpy time of the day because I have been apart from them for such a long time and not in their compmnay alone from the time they woke that morning.

Not sure I'm describing this as I was hoping to, always sounds better in my head! But work is good, home is good, knitting time is none existant!

Triceratops took forever, as I was reminded daily by Nathaniel, but here he is;

The pics are awful because of the flash, he's much better looking in the 'flesh'. Nathaniel loves him very much indeedy;

See him roaring, don't think Elizabeth was impressed when I handed over the finished dino right in the middle of a Dr Who episode!

So I am hoping to find time for a little more knitting and maybe some sewing time too, I have lots of ideas in my head but am struggling at the moment. Am sure I'll be back into the swing of things and will become less tired and more organised soon. Who am I kidding, that last sentence suggests I was in the swing of it before and to be honest I can't remember a time when I was. Ever.

Nevermind, soon be half term with loads of time for knitting and snuggling!

Daisie xxx


niftyknits said...

Frankly - I don't know how you do it! I'm impressed, VERY impressed with the freezing of meals days in advance, and wish you many cuddly sofa times!

Florrie said...

Hi Daisie,

because of ongoing problems with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url address.

Hope you still visit.

I'm amazed that you hold down a job, bring up four children and manage to knit dinosaurs too.

florrie x

Locket Pocket said...

I think you described your end of the day time absolutely perfectly! I wish I spent as much quality time with my children - and I only work 2.5 days with 3 older children! Lucy x