Wednesday, 5 January 2011

A Great Last Day

There is always something sad for me in the last day of the holidays.

The girls have returned to school this morning and Nathaniel has returned to nursery school, they were all eager to see their friends and share what exciting things they each recieved at Christmas time, they are looking forward to play times and catching up and being independant people but I miss them so!

Yesterday was magical, we woke to find snow! I had promised them a new year walk in the woods so we put on our wellies, wrapped up warm and went out to enjoy our last day together;

We made footprints, looked for birds, counted doggie tracks in the snow. We got very cold indeed and then came home and had hot chocolate and cosied up in the warm.

A lovely time to end the festive holidays before the return to 'normal' life.

Daisie xxx


Twiggy said...

Awww I hear you, the house is much tidier today but far too quiet :(
Twiggy x

Little Blue Mouse said...

It looks like they had a great time before going back to school!

bibbitybob said...

That sounds like a lovely end to the holidays! x