Tuesday, 1 December 2009

It's Sh*t, It's Eighteen Inches High, It's Pink,

and it made my five year old so happy and excited I thought she'd pee herself;

We have a proper tree (not up yet) but have old mental confused cats who either try and climb it or pee on it so it lives in the 'front' room so we can close the door on it and the cats are only allowed access while there is someone to keep an eye on them. We 'live' in the back room where there are toys aplenty, a huge table and comfy (washable) places to sit. Francecsa desperately wanted a pink tree in her bedroom but there is little space and to be honest enough crap in there already. This is our compromise and it is now on the radiogram next to the fruit bowl. She decorated it after school with her friend Jodie and made her own angel.

And then, in the glow of merry christmas crafts with all the children being delightful, disaster struck. I had planned stew and dumplings for tea but when I went to make dumplings I realised I had no suet. Dum dum dum! Now, I could have dragged all the children out into the minus two degree darkness to the corner shop in the hope they would have some? I could have made a longer journey to the supermarket where they would have some but then run the risk of any one of the small people falling asleep en route? I even contemplated the madeness of not having dumplings with the beautiful succulent lamb that had been bathing nicely in a bottle of good red plonk all afternoon! Then from somewhere in the deep recesses of my mind the idea of cobbler formed. A vague memory of stodgey savoury cakes. I didn't have time to google for a recipe and Prue Leith was of no help (on this occasion) so I made a usual scone dough (minus sprinkling of sugar and sultanas) and added a huge spoon of grain mustard and a good grating of strong cheddar, I then had a wobble as I couldn't find the frilly circle cutter (the one I use for scones) so had to use the cutter that I use for Francesca and Nathaniel's sandwiches. I put them all atop the stew, closed the oven door and held my breath.

Then was really rather pleased when I opened it again and found these;

Rather tasty they were too. So maybe not having suet in the cupboard isn't such a bad thing after all!!

Happy December!

Daisie xxx


twiggypeasticks said...

Ooo that looks tasty. The pink tree made me giggle as Twiglet has decided he wants a white tree for his bedroom, haha whatever next!
Twiggy x

MollyandIzzie said...

Mmmmm that looks yummy - can I have some? Do you think it would go in the post?!

I put up the decorations at work tonight which consisted of a very limp and delapidated tree with several missing branches and a wierd sort of twiggy things that we sort of hung/hammered on the wall! I think I should campaign for a pink tree!!!

Hope your okies.

x x x

jennyflower said...

God it classier than me!

Gina said...

Pink tree? What more could a girl want? (Apart from that delicious looking stew)

WendyCarole said...

The cobbler looks scrummy. I can see why Francesca loves her tree. Tell her I love her angel

Marie said...

Mmmmm... that looks totally delicious. Lamb is my absolute fave!

ROFL @ the Radiogram. We had one of those when I was a kid. I used to love it. Especially stacking the records up on the player and watching them drop down when one had finished. Great fun.

Lovin' the pink tree - I definitely won't be showing it to DD though, she'll be getting ideas!


Jackie said...

know suet dumplings are delicious but I don't like th eidea of suet these days so I sometimes use a bit of cheese and herbs instead. Bless Nathaniel...falling asleep at the table. You look after yourself too.

Jude said...


urban craft said...

I totally wish I had my own pink tree when I was little. I would have tried to make my own ornaments and everything. Unsuccessfully though, back then. No tree here yet either, I think I'll wait another week.

dottycookie said...

In our house that's known as CobblyBobbler and is very popular on cold nights. Yum.