Sunday, 27 December 2009

Party Girls

A lovely day here on Friday, just us and the spare wheel on our little family wagon, Anthony (affectionately known as Clant after Elizabeth struggled with Uncle Ant and merged the two together at around eighteen months old). We ate huge amounts of Turkey and opened presents and laughed at each other and generally had a lazy day together (my favourite sort). We ended the day with pyjamas on early, turkey sandwiches, cheese and crackers, glasses of port (grown ups only) and Dr Who on the telly. Fantastic!

Boxing Day we went over to Simon's Mum and Dad's for more turkey sandwiches and a few more presents. Simon takes the pictures when we go there and this is the only picture of me and Sebastian from the whole day;

See, I have clean clothes on and everything, very unflattering angle of Sebastian as you can only really see his bald spot but I wanted you to see his little knitted suit, I think he looks like a little baby convict!

Elizabeth is creating a rather wonderful rock chickie look of her own and has managed to find and put together two beautiful, stylish, flattering outfits for herself for over the party season. This is a brilliant bargain gown that we found when out looking for something else that she teamed with bright pink tights and her sequined boots with matching pink laces. The tiara is from her snow queen costume;

Here's my two beautiful girls;

I got some wonderful presents but these are the two that I have managed to photograph so far.

A wonderful clock from my Mum and Dad;

And some fabulously soft and snuggly hand warmers from Simon and the children. I had expressed an interest in trying to knit some for myself when I had time but this is even better;

The bright blueygreen isn't, think the flash made it go a bit mad as it's a deep moss shade in reality.

Anyhoo, am off now to tackle some of the washing mountain, honestly you have two days cooking turkey of rest and they will insist on still wearing clothes!!

Will be back with more presents soon.

Hope you have all had a wonderful time and that your tummies are not too upset and your heads are not banging too much?!

Daisie xxx


Flame said...

I want the stripey baby outfit!!!!

I got given very similar glove thingies to you, and I think B has your daughter's boots :D

Love reading blogs and seeing how similar other people's tastes are

Sweet Mess said...

Merry Christmas to your family~ looks like you had a lovely day!