Friday, 18 December 2009

Little Angels!

Sebastian is much much better so yesterday we ventured out of the house (for the first time in what seems like years) and attended our 'boobie training' last session where we were having a little party. We are back agin after christmas to complete training but any excuse for a party.

As a fleet of volunteers we are called Little Angels and I found some wonderful little chipboard tree hanger decorations and turned them into personalised cards for all my little angel pals;

My contribution to the party was some homemade mince pies;

Nathaniel helped me;

But Johanna stole the limelight by bringing this amazing cake that her friend made for us;

The angels were so cute;

The cake was very tasty too!!

It was lovely to see everyone after the events of last week and two of my angel buddies were very pleased to see us as they had been to the hospital and seen Sebastian when he was very ill. It was good to get lots of things off my chest about the care we recieved too. A fabulous de-brief, thanks ladies!!

Then this morning we have snow (well, a small whiteish covering), Nathaniel was very pleased indeed;

He made lots and lots of lovely footprints and got very wet and cold on the way to school as he had to keep stopping to touch the snow;

School finishes today so we can all snuggle up tonight and hope there is more snow so we can go out tomorrow in our wellies!!

I have two sewing projects to complete for gifts but other than that I am completely organised, I think!

Hope this coming week doesn't disappear too fast and that you all get time to be ready to enjoy the big day on friday (this time next week it'll all be over).

Daisie xxx

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MollyandIzzie said...

Wow that cake is amazing - glad that the little man is on the mend =]

x x x