Friday, 25 December 2009

Happy Christmas!

How's that for an oiginal title?!

I tried to get on and do a quick post last night but Mr T'interweb was sooooooooooooo busy. I gave up and went to bed.

I just wanted to say that my bestest Christmas present had arrived all the way from the other end of the earth from Newquay and had been squeezed to within and inch of her life! I haven't seen my baby sister since May and this was the first time she got to meet our baby Sebastian, very exciting and teary too.

Bad picture but look, see, there we are mad sisters;

The children were all bathed and put in new pyjamas, Sebastian thoguht it all rather amusing;

We stayed up later than usual and had takeaway curry for tea (bit of a Christmas Eve tradition round here), very full bellies all round.

The presents are all in place;

And I was here last night to say I was off to bed before the madness of the morning arrived when 'He' has been but I am awake, have wrapped a big bird in bacon and seasoned well, bunged in oven, fire popped on, coffee made and it is only Simon and I that are awake, what are the chances??! It's rather nice sitting in the darkness together drinking hot coffee listening to our sleeping babies....... wonder when they'll wake (probably just as we drop back off for another quick snooze).

Happy Christmas one and all, please enjoy whatever you do today.

I'll see you on the other side!

Daisie xxxx


Jude said...

Hope you had a wonderful day.. lovely photos!!
Take care

Bagladee said...

Merry Christmas Alex, love the photos. Hope you all had a fab time. Hugs Emma xxx