Friday, 22 February 2008

My Three Penguins!

Hello all! Sorry it's been such a long time but I have been very ill indeed. It's been the half term holiday and we'd so many things planned (love having all my babies at home for the hols!) but plans never seem to happen round here! We managed a day at EUREKA! (the science museum for children in Halifax) on Monday and had a wonderful time. The girls printed their own money at the bank, took rubbings of foreign coins, scanned food in the shop and found out where it came from, changed tyres in the garage, walked down a magic corridor, learned all about their bodies and explored the different gardens of the world.

Here is Nathaniel in the 'leaf cradle' trying to decide if he wants to dress up as a bumble bee or just eat the costume:

Here are Simon and Nathaniel inside a honeycomb having a marvelous time:

Here is Elizabeth in the Arctic Garden in an Igloo we built together:

By the time we got home both Elizabeth and I were feeling decidedly unwell, so an early night for all and plenty of paracetamol. By the morning Elizabeth was much better and I felt like death, high temp, shivers, aching limbs, uncontrollable vomiting, general weakness. It took me until Thursday morning to have the strength to leave my bed and visit the doctor, it turns out that I have a form of Glandular Fever (a throw back to an illness I had as a child), no wonder I felt so bad then!! Have managed not to be sick today and have managed half a slice of toast and it seems to be staying put (fingers crossed). Feeling much better but weak.

Needless to say there has been no making and doing here this week!

And here as the title suggests are my three penguins, taken in the Arctic Garden, Nathaniel hasn't magically learned to stand unaided, Simon was helping somewhat:

Daisie xxx

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