Thursday, 28 February 2008

More Elephants

Well after a crap morning at kwikfit waiting for yet another new tyre, this really is getting silly, we're thinking of taking out shares in Michelin! I had a rather wonderful afternoon. Lunch made by Lynsey, entertainment by Anya (who modeled my dungarees for me even though she didn't really want to, thanks!), Tara and Francesca. Nathaniel was his usual chilled self on the carpet watching the world go by while I made some more felt elephants, the herd is growing! Lynsey meanwhile was doing a post for cuteable and showing me lots of lovely things!

Here as promised is a photo of Nathaniel in his prototype trousers, they are a little baggy in the leg but are a good length and the body shape is good, ample room for a nappy! Just a little tweaking needed and then we will have the perfect pattern for small boys' leg wear!

He did try and accessorize but Elizabeth managed to talk him out of it!!

Daisie xxx

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Swirlyarts said...

Oooh - they look so cute together!