Friday, 8 February 2008

Happy Birthday Francesca!

Can't quite believe my littlest girl is four (well she will be at half ten tonight!) seems like only days since she was a bump! We've had a very pink day indeed. Fairy cakes went down very well at nursery school, some teachers reportedly had seconds!!
When I asked her last week what she'd like for her birthday cake she couldn't decide, so in the end when I dropped her off this morning she said, "just make me a pink suprise cake please Mummy."
And here it is:

A vanilla sponge with strawberry icing and many millions of pink sweeties on top, what more could a girl wish for!?

And here they are enjoying it!

Some beautiful handmade gifts from Lynsey, will post some pics when we take some tomorrow, we are just too tired tonight and we're still buzzing from all the E-numbers!!
Happy birthday baby,
Daisie xxx

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