Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Hills Are Alive.......

...........with the sound of music!

Am always falling in love with upholstery/curtain type fabric and wanted to put them to use in clothes but images of Maria dressing the Von Trapp children in their playroom curtains always come to mind! Am hoping that I have found a way to dress children in these types of fabric without them looking too much like they are wearing the actual curtains!

Have been a busy bee this morning and have made some fabulous little t-shirt dresses; made with a t-shirt style top so no complicated buttons or zips for small fingers, just pull it over your head!

L-R: Age 3-4, cream with blue and pink flowers (there is a hat to match this), Age 6-7, bubble gum dinosaurs, Age 8-9, dotty long sleeved top.

What do you think?
Daisie xxx