Saturday, 13 October 2012


I feel so foolish and cross with myslef.

I have a three day fair coming up next Friday, I have the migraine from hell (day four) and thought I'd just potter about today, find my things, wash the stall cloth and gather myself together in preparation.

Oh no, some silly woman (that would be me) has tidied and put things away! I had a large stock of Gruffalo inspired monsters and Christmas puddings and ice skates and mini button wreaths and can I find the damn things, oh no, I cannot :(

I sold lots at a fair last November and I know we gifted some to teachers last December but there should be between 20 and 30 in a bag somewhere.......

The location of said bag is a mystery.

So today I stayed in my PJs, popped pills, drank warm drinks, kept the heating on, snuggled with my small people and watched 101 Dalmations and made these;

Think I may need to make a few more don't you?!

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

Hope you feel better soon... and find your lost things. I love the paper clips on those skating boots!

dottycookie said...

The bag will turn up the minute you stop looking for it, at least that's always what happens to me! Hope you feel better soon.

Twiggy said...

Get well soon, your button wreaths are so pretty

Little Blue Mouse said...

I hope you're feeling better now.
On QI the other week Stephen Fry was saying that if you've lost something, you should keep saying the thing over and over as you're looking and you'll find it quicker. I think this might work better for smaller things like keys though!

Anonymous said...

Hope they've turned up now and you're feeling better x