Monday, 22 October 2012

Back To Normal, Whatever That May Be.........

I had a fantastic weekend, met some beautiful people at the fair, sold some lovelies and was approached by two shops who would like to stock some of my knit wear :)

I have had a day of no making, the first for many weeks. Seb and I pottered around in town and bought some new slippers, found Elizabeth some shoes she has been after for a while, changed the beds, washed the floors, the usual really with lots of snuggles spread throughout the day.

We have no Simon tonight so we have talked and eaten cauliflower cheese as just five. It was good to catch up, I have missed them!

And after tea we all had a try on of Elizabeth's new accessory;

Elizabeth rocking the specs

Nathaniel - eyes closed

Nathaniel eyes open

Cute Francesca

Sebastian did have a go too and looked super cute but refused to let us take his picture. Will catch him off guard one day and show you.

Anyhow, have done half of Nathaniel's homework with him, best go and get him finished and ready for bed.

Daisie xxx


Becks said...

Wow, they certainly all know how to pull of the glasses look. And your girls look so like you! Good news bout the shop interest - it isn't always the sales you make on the day....


Little Blue Mouse said...

What a very productive fair!