Monday, 1 October 2012

05.11.1996 - 29.09.2012

A sad day yesterday as we buried our very old man cat Vincent in the garden (deep enough and far away enough from the house so he won't be disturbed if any future owners want to build an extension).

I am missing our small four legged pal, he has been in our lives for such a long time. He was never meant to be our cat. A colleague's cat had kittens and we took two off her hands (Josephine and Hercule) but the third tom had a home. Within a few days Vincent's new owners decided he wasn't for them and he came to join his brother and sister with us on New Year's Eve 1996.

He got caught in the door as a kitten and had a 'gammy' leg all his life, he came home one day about ten years ago with a broken tail so held it at a jaunty angle forever more. He survived a dog/fox attack a while ago. We really did think the old chap would out live us all!!

But on Saturday evening a bloke from across the road knocked and called Simon outside, Simon came back with a very dead cat. It appears the man's dog had got hold of Vincent and he was unable to seperate them before the damage was done. Although I am grateful for his bravery in coming to tell us I am so very angry and sad.

It will be nice to leave my knitting out and know it will not end up covered in little soft white hairs and I can leave food unattended knowing he will not sneak in a sample it but I miss his warm weight on my toes at night and miss him snuggling against me in the cold evenings. He has left a very big hole.

Bye Vincent, we will remember you fondly x


dottycookie said...

Awww, I am sorry. It's always very sad when pets leave us, but i'm glad Vincent was with you for such a long time. Hugs to you all.

Two Owls said...

Bye to Vincent, he sounded like a lovely, cuddly character.
Our next door neighbours' cat Mischief was killed by a car last Friday, Aidan and I went round with some flowers for them as Mischief was a regular visitor to our house and the boys loved her.