Tuesday, 23 October 2012

From One Extreme To Another

Lots of people admired my chunky knitted cowls and ear warmers (and some people bought some to take home) at the fair this weekend. A lovely couple showed interest in stocking some of my chunky knits in their shop (just waiting to hear) but there were a few older ladies who told me it was 'cheating' to be knitting on such big pins with such chunky yarn. Yes it's quick and simple but really effective and eye catching!

I am currently working on a bag pattern for my strokable Artesano yarn for said couple but I am also knitting a shawl with some super skinny yarn on tiny 2mm needles.

So from one extreme;

The lovely Lizi

To another;

Like knitting a spider's web

I can't wait to see how this looks when it's finished. The yarn is a very fine cotton in white with a metallic silver thread running through it, my photography skills (or lack thereof) don't really do it justice.

Daisie xxx

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Ali said...

Congrats on finding a shop to stock your knitting! I am so slow in making stuff (even chunky things) that I could never contemplate such dizzy heights.