Monday, 27 February 2012

Special Things

Remember a long long time ago shortly after our littlest man made his debut appearance I recieved a beautiful crocheted blanket all the way from America?

Well it's still here and still in use, when Sebastian is tired or grumpy or poorly it is one of his blankets of choice;

Even though he doesn't quite fit all of himself under it anymore;

Terri no longer blogs and I don't know if she still lurks around watching the rest of us still posting so I am off to find her email address and say another thank you and let her know she hasn't been forgotten!


Purple and Paisley said...

you totally just made my day...thank you so much for the email...and the pic of your darling little boy...miss you...much love! xoxo

Locket Pocket said...

How lovely that the blanket is still loved and appreciated! Lucy xx

Tip Top said...


Two Owls said...

That picture of Sebastian's little toes poking out of the end is blinkin lovely!

So nice to see something handmade with love is treasured x