Sunday, 12 February 2012

I Fear I May Never Want To Make A Cupcake Again!!

My lovely friend was quoted a huge amount of money for 100 cupcakes for her wedding day. Someone, can't think who, thought it would be a good idea to make them for her as her wedding gift instead.

100 purple glittery cupcakes in die cut wrappers;

They looked amazing at the venue even though they came to blows on the way at the hands of the Groom the night before (don't look closely, some are a little squashed), I think most of the guests had consumed enough alcohol for it not to matter though!!

The beautiful couple Carrie and Adam, we wish you all happiness for the furture;

And in my panic to have enough icing for all the cupcakes (I would never have been able to get the same colour twice) I ended up with far too much and had enough for a weekend birthday cake for Francesca;


dottycookie said...

Now that really is a labour of love - makes me feel a bit wobbly just to think of making that number of cakes!

Where did you get the cases from? They are perfect with your delicious looking cakes.

Domestic Kat said...

Ooohh did they taste as good as they looked?

Frugal Queen said...

what a lovely present xxxx

Claire said...

A wonderful idea for a wedding gift. They look great, as does your daughter's birthday cake.

jackanne said...

ohh they are so lovely,son is having 150 small cupcakes and 1 large cupcake for his wedding at a huge cost too mad eh xx

Two Owls said...

The cakes looked brilliant and what a really lovely gift, personal touches like that always make a wedding more special. Loved the bride's dress.

Francesca's cake looked gorgeous too, happy belated birthday to her!