Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Thank You (again)!!

A huge big thank you to Terri over at Purple&Paisley for the beautiful blanket she has crocheted for Sebastian;

The colours are truer in this picture;

It is thick and soft and just so lovely and really special as it has been made with love and has travelled all the way from America!!

Thank you so much Terri :-)

Daisie xxx


Purple and Paisley said... are so welcome, sweetie! thank you for your email, too...kiss sebastian for me and your other little dolls, too - i know they are a huge help to mommy! ☺♥

Swirlyarts said...

So cute!

Jude said...


jennyflower said...


dottydaisies said...

just wandered here from another blog , you are making me all broody , is 3 enough could i fit in another!!!

JuliaB said...

What a beautiful present. Lucky little boy! xx