Monday, 5 October 2009

Thank You

A big huge thank you to those lovely residents of blogland who sent me lovely gifts!

Firstly this is a little blue hat knitted by Jenny;

She also knitted a lovely stripey jumper and made a fluffy birdie affair which is hanging up, I will take pictures at some point........

Gina sent me these tiny weeny slippers;

And they are a perfect fit for Sebastian's tiny weeny feet;

Today the postman delivered this from the very lovely and talented Jackie;

His very own Harris Tweet!

Ruth over at TipTopToppers sent me an amazing first year book that she made. It is really beautifully put together and I can't wait to start putting pictures in it. You can see pictures of it here and pictures of the card she made here.

Emma sent me some baby goodies a while ago and he looks very cute all naked and wrapped in his big fluffy towel :-)

A big thank you to Lynsey's sister Sarah who crocheted me the loveliest baby blanket in greens and yellows (using some of my unwanted stash).

So thank you all so much, you have made me feel really special and my new little man is already surrounded by one-of-a-kind handmade loveliness!

Daisie xxx


Jackie said...

A model and so young! he looks like you..I can see it already.
Your other gifts are so beautiful and I'm glad you like mine..more of a 'Cali-crow' than a Harris tweet!
Your posts are making me smile which can only be good.

Charlotte said...

He really is very beautiful.
Well done you =) xx

My Passport to Style said...

Oh my he is adorable and yummy, well done mummy!You must pop over to my blog and enter our fabulous competition, really pampering prizes, that I think you will love. See you sooon, Sharon xxxx

Gina said...

Such a gorgeous boy! And very cute little feet... so pleased the slippers fit. What lovely hand made gifts, especially that cute little bird.

jennyflower said...

Please don't show my bird- it'll look dead raggy next to Jackie's! It was great fun making baby stuff- thanks for havig such a cute one to show it off!! xx

Tip Top said...

You are so very welcome!! I'll now blog the WHOLE of the book this week!