Friday, 30 October 2009

Managing And Failing

This week I have been trying to take a good picture of all my babies together for a Christmas gift (yes, it's that time of year again) and failing;

Miserably!! The problem with there being four of them is that they don't look the right way/smile/not look like a nutcase all at the same time!!

We did manage to make lovely pink buns;

And we had a great time sharing them with our friends!

I managed to make a shoulder bag for my sister's birthday (but failed to take a good photo);

And a zippy pouch to go inside filled with yummy chocolates;

We managed a lovely trip to Blackpool to see the lights. I even managed to take a good photo of the fancy tram;

There has been some slow but successful knitting, some button jewellery making by Elizabeth, a brillaint trip to SAMS for goodies for Christmas crafting and present making, some lazy half term holiday days, trips to the park and visits with friends.

I am mostly managing, which is good :-)

And my failures are not too major; mostly failing to iron and wash the floors but managing to snuggle and read and be together which will do me for now.

Daisie xxx


Gina said...

I fail to iron and wash the floors without a new baby and three small children so it sounds as though you are coping admirably!

dottydaisies said...

four children, one of them a little baby and you made a bag !!!! thats not bad going x

niftyknits said...

*spit* ironing and washing floors? why bother. enjoy your babes. I don't iron or wash floors - and my babies are all grown up and left home!

jennyflower said...

God I'd be thrilled with a Christmas gift of a photo of your four nutty chldren- they are gorgeous, especially when crumpled and with grubby socks!! xx

Jackie said...

Thats a brilliant happy photo..not a failure at all.
And you sewed????!!!!

Charlotte said...

I love love love love love the bag!!! thank youuu xxx