Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Looking On The Brightside

I currently hate, yes tis a strong word but it's what I feel, the local utilities company. On Christmas morning the toilet was flushed and our bath filled with sh*t, oh yes it did, merry christmas all! And to make it even more horrid, being at the end of the terraced block, it's not just our sh*t. We were reassured, after being on hold for almost an hour waiting for someone to answer the phone, that with the frost most call outs were for the fresh water team and the drainage team were relatively unbusy and raw sewage in the house would make us a priority case. I braved the In-Laws alone on boxing day while Simon waited here hopefully, they eventually came out yesterday, jet washed our bit and said they would send a camera team out today (no sign yet). After Simon rodded the drain over 5m and could not reach the blockage we are sure it's a problem in the main sewer and needs sorting pronto. So no solids through the toilet, in a house of six it has not been pleasant but any more information that that is unnecessary to share.

On the brightside, which I must look to or else I will cry, I got to do this with Sebastian;

And for maybe the last time ever I also got to wash Nathaniel in the kitchen sink;

Daisie xxx


Florrie said...

If anything in the house is going to play up you can bet your life it will be on one of the major holidays of the year......so sorry your day was spoilt.......last year it was our boiler and we froze all Christmas day and most of Boxing day before someone finally arrived to fix it.

Love the pictures of your little ones having their baths in the sink......brings back happy memories of when I used to bathe mine in the sink, many years ago now.
Hope they sort out your drainage problem soon.
florrie x

Little Blue Mouse said...

Yuk! Hope it's sorted out very soon.

Nathaniel did very well to fit in the sink!

Twiggy said...

Ewwww you poor things, if you lived closer you would have been welcome to use our facilities :) There's not much cuter than a little boy having a bath in the sink though - we used to do it a lot :)
Twiggy x

dottycookie said...

Oh blimey, it puts our sneezles and sniffles into persepctive!

Hope you're all unblocked now. Yeuchhh.

Swirlyarts said...

Oh shit - quite literally! If you are ever near our side of town then feel free to call in and use the facilities x

Gina said...

You poor things... I really hope you get it sorted pronto. They are lovely photos of your gorgeous boys in the sink!