Sunday, 26 December 2010

Christmas Day started at 1am when Nathaniel was woken by his big sister going for a wee, who in turn woke Francesca and we were all awake until 3am. Elizabeth woke again at 7am, very respectable, but as all her siblings were still asleep and she wanted to wait for them before she opened her stocking she joined me down stairs where we prepped the lunchtime veg and made toast and coffee. When we got back upstairs, the turkey safely roasting in the oven, we all sat on the bed and the children opened their stockings;

Simon bought us a new camera, hurrah! And these were the first two photos we took;

I love this bit of the day best, when it is just us. I love to hear their excited squeeks and see their smiling faces. I sometimes feel I am the luckiest Mummy in the whole world with the most beautiful babies ever known;

I am also amazed by the sheer joy bit of shiny tat can bring;

Later in the day Iron Man came to see us;

There was some serious Mummy Bag Love going on;

We had a wonderful lunch and lazy afternoon, enjoying Dr. Who before bed.

Today has seen a bit of a rerun at the In-Law's.

I hope each and every one of you had a special day too.

Daisie xxx


Little Blue Mouse said...

The bags you made look to be well received. I'm glad you enjoyed your day.

Florrie said...

It's lovely to give your children something you made special.
florrie x

Becks said...

The bags look FAB!
Such a lovely Christmas post, so glad you had a great day.
Seasons blessings to you all.

Gina said...

You can't beat the magic of Christmas with small children. It's very different when they get big. Glad you had a lovely day.

smilernpb said...

Wow, it looks like you had a wonderful day!!

Hugs xx

Twiggy said...

We had a terrif day with out lovely boy and Grandma too!! Christmas is lovely with littlies !!
Twiggy x

Bagladee said...

Looks like you all had a fab fun day Alex, I'm so sorry to hear about your drainage/sewer problem I do hope it gets sorted pronto!! Big hugs xxx