Friday, 10 December 2010

The Law Of Sod

It was July 2001 the last time I was employed (thrity six weeks pregnant with ELizabeth, huge and hot) so it's been a very long time. Starting work this week was a little scary, I feel alot of guilt at leaving Seb in someone elses care while he is so small but to be honest he's having a great time with his new carer and new friends and has barely missed me at all. I feel bad that Nathaniel is spending two full days at nursery school. I have been trying to convince myself that I'm not a bad mother. I take them at nine and collect them again at half three so not a long day away from Mummy and time enough for cuddles and fun before tea and bed.

I was welcomed warmly on entering the centre yesterday and asked to sign the staff work sheet, all felt very official. I felt like a proper grown up and everything! I am working in the baby stay and play group first thing so I set up the creche with lots of enticing things for very small people. There were some of 'my' mums in the group that I have been working with for sometime, one lady asked me where Seb was, I replied he was with the childminder. She looked shocked and when I explained that it was because I was being paid for these hours (he comes with me for my volunteer hours) as they had given me a job she jumped up and embraced me and said it was 'about time too'. I went on three visits with the family support team and met two expectant Mums who I hope to be seeing again when their little bundles arrive.

All was going great when nursery school phoned at 2 and asked me to come and collect this;

And then school phoned and asked me to come and collect this;

We have all had the sniffles and a bit of a cough/cold for a week or so. Seb has antibiotics for a chest infection, he is somewhat prone after his pneumonia last winter, but is quite happy and smily in himself. The centre manager was very kind and supportive and we all made jokes about what the odds would be!

It was the staff Christmas gathering last night (I had already been invited as a volunteer but it was nice to be 'real' staff and not feel like a fraud) and we all went out for a curry, really nice to be together outside the centre.

I came home to some very poorly children indeed. So after a trip to see our family doctor today my fridge now looks like this;

I think it may be a long weekend!

A big thank you to my MIL for popping over this morning to sit with the poorly people so I could go and do my baby group and get some paper work done and a thank you to for my manager for not minding that I didn't quite complete my first week at work!

Daisie xxx


Kendra said...

It's always hard to leave the little ones with someone else while starting back to work. At least they are happy where they are (well, when not sick anyway). I'm so glad you're liking your new position!

Claire said...

That was the last week I worked too, many moons ago! You are one step ahead of me though, can't quite imagine how I would/could go back to work!

Hope you are all on the mend soon. They do look proper poorly.


Jude said...

Hope they are all feeling much better very soon
Take care

jennyflower said...

Bum! Throw away those feelings of guilt young lady. You are doing nothing wrong, you have raised a happy confident brood which means that they will be happy and confident whilst you grow yourself. Don't under estimate how important seeing you confident and fulfilled is as a role model for them. Hugs to all. xxxx

Two Owls said...

Sorry your first couple of days didn't go quite to plan - poor things, hope they're on the mend very soon.
Oh and don't feel guilty!
Jo x

niftyknits said...

Oh isn't it just typical? What a shame - but well done you! Congratulations, enjoy your new "proper" job and chuck those guilt feelings where they belong.

Gina said...

I hope everyone feels better soon.

Marie said...

Congrats on the job and hugs for all the poorlies. hope they're better soon. Completely randomly ....... you shouldn't keep antibiotics in the fridge door. it doesn't keep them cold enough. xMx

salthousegreen said...

I'm so glad you're getting out and doing something a bit different. I'm sure you're ready for it! I always thought that I would send my kiddies to nursery/pre-school but now I have my own I can't wait for Noah to go. And not because of the break it'll give me, but because I see how happy and settled other people's kids are who have that little bit of time away from mummy. Noah starts after Christmas and lucky old me, it's at the church not a minute's walk from my house.
Congrats again on the job and hope you're all feeling better already. We've all been taking turns at being poorly on and off this last month too. Down with tickly coughs and runny noses!

salthousegreen said...

PS: I meant I always thought I WOULDN'T send my kids to nursery! Can't wok out how to edit my own comment.

Sweet Mess said...

Congrats on being official! I hope everyone is feeling better :)

Tip Top said...

I'm one down and one to go! And keep the stuff in the main bit of your fridge - the door is the warmest bit!!!

And my two went to nursery full time and 3 days when they were 5.5months and 6 months respectivly - so no guilt!!!