Monday, 6 December 2010

I Learnt A New Trick!

Thanks for all the lovely supportive comments on my last post, I must apologise for not emailing back but it's all been a little mental really. I've done most of my staff induction, Sebastian has been visiting the childminder with me and his brother and goes for a while by himself on Wednesday. I start work on Thursday, argh! It's like being a proper grown up and I feel slightly out of my depth but in a giggley excited way, am sure I'll get scared at some point soon!

The dinosaur still needs some legs knitting and Nathaniel's lovely bag still needs buttons, I have knitted half the back of a cardigan for myself (will tell more soon) and knitted half a left hand warmer, Elizabeth has been measured and a muslin of her skirt has been made, two fronts of placemats have been quilted (and are the right size)!

Here is some of the Christmas bunting I made (and a dinosaur having a snooze);

This one is spare, I was going to put it in my shop but the pictures are awful and the light is terrible but if any of you are interested email me and it's yours for just £8, would make a lovely seasonal gift for the person who has everything?

I only had a small amount of this blue with festive bears on so I made just two sets of bunting for two special little boys who made an appearnace this year;

And this is the new trick I learnt;

Look closely, are you impressed? I am! A lovely customer (my bestest customer ever, who had me make a bag for her a while ago and then make another and another for many of her friends who also want to stash their essentials in the most amazing bags ever*) asked me to make a very understated bag for her 16 year old little sister. I was assured that this was the upmost in flattery that a girl of such an age would want to own one of my creations. She specified a black bag with a bright pink lining, a loop and button closure. Check. But my lovely customer just thought that was all a little bit boring and not very DaisieDavies at all and asked me to make a funky corsage to go with it, that way the customer could attach it and try to influence her sister's style but her sister could also remove it and wear the bag as she wanted to.

I would usually have knitted a flower or rosette and embellished with beads and buttons but felt this would be wrong for the bag owner so I found a Kanzashi flower tute and some bright pink scraps and the twin of the button on the bag and created this lovely thing;

I hope she likes it!

Daisie xxx

*blowing own trumpet, please forgive me! x


Twiggy said...

Blow away!! Remember the knitted corsage I bought from you about a year ago, it matches one of my cardis perfectly, I wore it today and it was much admired by Twiglet :) Good luck for Thursday, I returned to work last week and it felt really weird being called by MY name and not Twiglet's Mummy!!
Twiggy x

Nancy said...

Lovely bit for the purse... Good luck on your first day of work..

dropstitch said...

Yeah, blow away! I was looking for a tutorial for those flowers a while back, but never found one and then forgot about it, so thank you :) Think that could be a nice little new year type project.

Florrie said...

That flower corsage is gorgeous. Good luck in your new job.
florrie x

Tip Top said...

That is a very fab flower!!