Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Slow Down Time, Please

Another pictureless update;

The computer is still languishing in it's sick bed, oh come on already will you HP!!

I have completed five sets of festive bunting and posted two off already, I have lots of triangles left so am in need of making some more!

The manbag still has no buttons, I am just too fussy and cannot quite find the right ones.

The dinosaur has a body that is stuffed, a row of knitted plates on his back and is just awaiting some legs.

The hat/scarf combo is finished and ready to wrap.

The place mat pieces are all cut up and pieced ready to sew together when I get some time.

There is a Francesca Mummy made gift on the needles.

Elizabeth's measurements are in need of taking and I must get cracking with her Mummy made gift.

And, I saved the best until last, we have a wall, a proper hallway and everything. We have a shoe rack and coat pegs and am so happy with it I want to keep going out so I can open the front door and walk into it :))

Ceilings next Saturdy and K&S on sunday, a lovely weekend ahead, just have to get throught he week first!

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear your computer is still sick but can't believe how much you've got done on your list already! Looking forward to seeing pics of it all when the 'puter is fuly recovered x

Swirlyarts said...

Yeah - a hallway :) Are you going to have a hallway party? If you do can I come?

Florrie said...

Wow, you have really got on with your making list, maybe my computer could do with being under the weather for a little while............spending too much time reading blogs, need to move my backside and get things finished.
florrie x

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well done - but I need pictures!

Sweet Mess said...