Monday, 29 November 2010

Back In Blogland

The good old HP is back at home and the best news is it still has all my pictures and other stuff intact, needed a new fan or something, didn't really understand the guy in PC world, not technically minded, so just nodded, smiled, said thank you and legged it from the store to come home and stroke my 'pute!

So quick update, although I don't have pictures of everything to show you yet.

Some sparkly buns, I really love the specialness that glitter adds to cakes but the day I made these I also managed to make a sparkly curry and potatoes and naan, well, when there's a theme work with it I say;

Please turn head to left shoulder;

This was the view into my mega stash cupboard that once upon a time was half full, really tidy and well organised and is now, well, words fail me. I have managed to get some sorting done and have cleared a high shelf for storing the festive gifts from small hands and eyes.

I also sorted a pile of coordinated fabrics for my fabric buckets (as yet unmade) and placemats;

I mentioned before I made one and it was a little small, I have upscaled the pieces and have them all cut out but just haven't had time, this is the first one for you to admire. Front;

And back;

There are now a whole party of monkeys in my Folksy shop ready to be rehomed in time for Christmas;

I have made several custom order slouchy shoulder bags, here are two;

I went yesterday to the K&S in Harrogate, we got there early as we'd left plenty of time not knowing how far the snow had spread, it wasn't too bad here and the roads had been cleared etc. We had a great day and I have lots of buttons and some lovely things for gift making and a personal knitting project that I will share later in the week. It started snowing, alot, around 3pm so we revisited one or two stalls we wanted to go back and grab bargains from, went for a wee and set off to the car. It was hidden by about five inches of snow, horrid, cold, blowing horizontal snow. It was like being held hostage in a Christmas card!! We set off very slowly, the roads had not been gritted! It was very slow indeed, especially when there was a lorry stuck in Blubberhouses, it was very slidy and very scary, from skipton it was gritted and still slow but moving in a safe manner. It took us three hours to drive what had taken us 45 minutes earlier in the day! I found this vid of skipton to blubberhouses on youtube, it shows you what the road is like, it wasn't sunny, or light, or clear, you couldn't see the edge of the road or the car in front or the sky or the sheep!

Anyway, we made it in one piece with only one hairy moment which I'm not dwelling on today.

Off to find a blanket and some knitting!

Daisie xxx


Florrie said...

So glad you made it back without mishap, I prescribe lots of knitting and hot tea........for shock you understand.......oh and maybe a yummy sparkly bun or two........ love all the makes,
florrie x

Swirlyarts said...

Eeeeeek! Blubberhouse isn't fun at the best of times. At least you weren't there when the road was closed - there was a jackknifed lorry between H'gate and Skipton and it was closed for ages apparently.

Becks said...

Sounds like a fab day.......until the snow.
We got caught in a pile-up on the A59 by Blubberhouses heading north a few years ago, very scary, as we were the front car and could feel every judder as each car slammed into the next behind us. Double scary as I was PG at the time and suffered whiplash and the worry of no movement from baby for the next 36 hours. Things were fine though.
So I can well understand what a fearful drive that was for you.
Well worth it though eh? ;-)

jennyflower said...

Glad you are safe and sound- and your 'turn head to left shoulder' is brilliant- it really made me smile. I would quite like some sparkly potatoes- they sound ace. xx

JuicyFig said...

OMG!! we must have set off about 3pm back, just as the snow started, so it wasn't too bad!! glad I didn't do my usual run back round my favorite stands!!

I LOVE your fabrics and cushion, right up my street!