Monday, 1 November 2010


I have never gone in for the Haloweenie thing, it just doesn't sit right with me. I feel like the Celtic new year celebration and some roman catholic saints celebration has all been mashed together and hijacked by big companies trying to make money. It has got bigger and bigger in recent years and I feel it's very much an American import. Haloween was never like this when I was a child.

Anyway, thanks to Disney and Club Penguin (social networking for small people) my girls have been a little obsessed this week so I gave in and we had a great afternoon carving pumpkins;

Elizabeth drew on the eyes, Nathaniel was in charge of noses and Francesca designed the mouths, I then got to work with a very sharp knife;

And we had delicious pumpkin and chilli soup for our tea;

We have saved all the seeds from the mush within and I would like to dry them out and make some pumpkin seed bread, any top tips on drying seeds?

We have had a busy half term holiday and progress on the house is amazing, we have a bit of the new floor down and it makes all the difference, we have walls and a newly cupboarded electric metre (phew). We still have a way to go but I have been looking at paint which means the end is in sight!

Today is the last day of the hols, all small people at home today, Simon at work so we are having a major clear out up stairs while he is not here to hear me shout at them help as I find it untrue that many hands make light work (think it must depend on the hands?!

Daisie xxx


Anonymous said...


I just did my pumpkin seeds yesterday. I didn't have "plans" for them as such, but rinsed them to get rid of any mush. Then lay them out on a baking tray to dry. Once dry, I put some olive oil and salt on them and popped them into the oven to roast. Delicious! They were gone within minutes.

smilernpb said...

Looks like you had a lovely Halloween! xx

PS We didn't save the inside of the pumpkins....P forgot (even though I told him to keep the stuff because I wanted to make something pumpkin-y!)! xx

Anonymous said...

We also washed our pumpkin seed, theft them to dry on a baking sheet, drizzled them with olive oil sprinkled black pepper and salt and put them in the oven for about 20mins turning often they were yummy and gone in minutes xx