Thursday, 7 October 2010

I Am Still Here (Somewhere)

I seem to be lacking in the blog spirit at the moment, there is lots going on but I have been feeling a little shit ill with a week long cold, sore throat, headache, hurting all over finished off with a three day migraine, am feeling slightly more normal today so thought I'd make an appearance and make excuses explain where I've been.

I have had a custom order for two bags, a shoulder bag made in fabric of the customers own choosing (she came and sat on my bed and rummaged through my stash), I was quite proud of myself as I didn't hide anything before she arrived and let her choose whatever she wanted. Mandy chose this rather lush chocolate fabric with gold embroidered leaves and red berries for her new bag for her new job;

Sideways picture and not the best but you get the idea! She also asked me to make a changing bag for her daughter who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl this week. It was a challenge for me as I had to incorporate things that I don't normally but out came the good old greaseproof paper and I chopped and eyeballed for days and came up with a design I'm happy with. The bag looks amazing and is just waiting for me to undo some top stitching and redo it, ever the perfectionist that I am and it needs some button holes and buttons to finish, hopefully will get it done over the weekend and will share then.

This small person has been throwing herself into school life in Y5, reading more than is natural and talking non-stop about vikings and equivilant fractions;

This small person has been driving me up the wall everyday since we went back to school, I am sure that "put your shoes on" is not too difficult an instruction but I think when you are a pink princess that lives in fairy land it loses something in translation and I therefore have to repeat it about a gazillion times between eight and eight thirty;

But she is forgiven because today the boys and I were at the centre and we went outside for a play as it wasn't raining (for a change) and when she spotted us while she was doing PE in the yard with her class I could see her waving hands and hear her delighted screams all the way across the playground! It's lovely to know that she loves me just as much as I love her!

This little person is finding it hard being a nursery boy with three hours away from us each day. He is enjoying all the new things to play with and the new things to learn but is tired and grumpy because of it;

And this little person has not slept for weeks and weeks, he has the snotty snozzle that we've all had and four (yes, FOUR) molars have sprouted in his mouth in the last three days, he has not been happy, I have been tired and unwell, it has been a hellish time. I am hoping that now they're through he should start to feel a little happier and more settled;

He is lovely though!

I have taken on some new groups as a peer suporter which has been going well. Busy fun packed weeks for me now.

And the highlight of this long, busy, poorly week is meeting my sister who is flying from the other end of the earth up from Newquay tonight and meeting me for lunch tomorrow, don't think I'll be able to sleep with the excitement! The last time I saw her was after my massive walk when we wnet shopping and my feet would have dropped off if I'd not have loved her so much!

Daisie xxx


nocton4 said...

love to you all sweet mama xx

Anonymous said...

Aww that was a lovely catch up post, keep well "super mum" of 4hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Aww that was a lovely catch up post, keep well "super mum" of 4hugs xx

jackanne said...

sorry it was me that sent above posts.. blooming postings playing up ..hugs jackanne xx

Bagladee said...

Big hugs Alex you sound as though you've been having an exhasting time. Hope you're feeling better. xxx

Jude said...

I get the 'too busy, can't be bothered' mood too!!
Thanks for the catch-up.
Take care

jennyflower said...

That's a lovely bag, and I can't wait to see the change bag. It is nice to know you're all in one piece! Look after yourself too won't you? xxxxx