Sunday, 17 October 2010

Decisions Decisions!

I am a one woman making machine today, my womanly bike has returned again so I have not got dressed today, love a lazy sunday, especially when I ache all over and feel a bit poo!

I have knitted these little bootees and matching hat for a teacher at school who is expecting a baby girl in around three weeks;

I have finally finished some bunting for my friend's little girl (only been making it forever), this is just a sneaky peep as she's not seen it yet, don't want to spoil the suprise too much;

And I made my funky purple zig-zag bag, ooooh, I love it so much but can't decide which button I want to go in the loop to keep everything inside;

This is a slightly better picture;

If we number them 1 to 5, left to right, I like number one best, Simon says number three, Elizabeth likes number four, what do you think?

Daisie xxx


Bagladee said...

Hope you're feeling better Alex, big hugs. I agree I like No.1 button best.


jennyflower said...

I'm with Elizabeth on this one!

Jo said...

I'm with Elizabeth too! x

Tip Top said...

Number 2!!!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Number 4 for me.