Friday, 4 June 2010


.... for our half term holiday (well, some of it) in seventeen gazillion pictures!

What happens when the rain is falling and the sky is grey and you leave out your box of ribbons;

And someone gets to work with their busy hands;

Funky bracelets;

And anklets;

We (well, the girlies) got hot new sandals for the summer season;

We drove down to Shrewsbury to meet Simon's Mum and Dad, we visited the castle;

Saw the most amazing wendy house ever made, this summer house was built for Laura by her father for her birthday in 1790;

Looked at the blue blue skies through the outer walls;

Realised that some of us are still little especially when we stand next to HUGE wheels;

"Giddy Up Grumpy!"

We found a hairy catapiller;

Then Nathaniel and I made some with clay to adorn the 'wishtree' comissioned for the front of our children's centre;

He even made them little sausages to eat so they're not hungry.

Francesca wished for 'sunshine' and made a ladybird.

I wished for 'harmony' but am not holding my breath;

Elizabeth's leaf sums her up perfectly;

Play games;

And a 'wow' flower;

There are lots more pictures and I've just realised I have missed a very importanat one but I can show you that another day.
Tomorrow night I am walking the Midnight Walk in aid of Pendleside Hospice. It's a magical place (I hope that's not an inapropriate word), my auntie spent her last weeks in the hospice and I have since worked there before being a Mummy. I have cared for terminally ill patients in the General Hospital and a convent for sick sisters too. So I have seen the care and know it's value to those who recieve it and those who give it. Although lots of my work at the moment involves the start of life I know the value of good care, dignity and respect at the end of life and I believe everyone has the right to die where they chose and the hospice service provides a safe and comfortable place somewhere between home and hospital. Palliative care is vital to the comfort and support of those near the end of their lives and their families. Hopefully the money we all raise from walking tomorrow night will help make providing that care a little easier. It's just paper sponsorship (no online) but if any of you would like to sponsor me please let me know and I can take monies via paypal, or go and find your local hospice and offer them a donation!

Daisie xxx


dottycookie said...

Looks like a fab half term! Check your email ...

Tamsyn said...

Love the ribbon bracelets and the sandals what a fab way to use up scrap ribbons.
Hope your walk went well x

JuicyFig said...

Hope the walk went well for you - I agree with your sentiments regarding death.

LOVE the funky bracelets!!!