Sunday, 13 June 2010

Swap Goodies

I signed up for Rachel and Emma's Little Bit Greener Green Swap and was paired with Sue, the goodies she sent me are lovely, thanks Sue!!

I got an amazing book on the uses of vinegar (a book I have often looked at but never bought) a beautiful handmade cotton shopping bag which had it's first outing yesterday and is pretty and also pretty roomy (just what one needs in a bag), some yummy fair trade choccie (which makes me feel bad as I didn't include any munchables in Sue's parcel, sorry!), a reusable cleaning cloth, a handmade brooch (with a button!!) and some lovely organic hand cream;

There was also some choccie for the children and a very kind donation for the Hospice following my midnight walk, thanks Sue, your parcel was so thoughtfu, and generous!!

Here's what I sent;

The blue flowered fabric in the background is a large shopping tote made with reclaimed fabric from the scarp store. I also sent a small packet of reclaimed and vintage buttons (a must for any girls' sewing box) and some funky ribbon, one length covered in veggies and the other covered in fruit;

I included an iceskate decoration to be put away for Sue's Christmas tree made with a left over scarp of felt, a stray piece of embroidery floss and a piece of ribbon from the neck of a t-shirt (you all know what I mean surely?), the only thing not reused on this little project is the paperclip;

I also included some notecard sets made using repurposed wallpaper samples;

I really enjoyed this swap, thanks Emma and Rachel for organising and a big thanks to Sue for the parcel of goodies!

Daisie xxx


JuicyFig said...

They all look lovely and some cool ideas! Really kicking myself that I missed this swap!

Don't get carried away with the vinager!!!

Sue said...

Glad you liked everything. I was a bit worried there wasn't enough recycled stuff in it.