Sunday, 3 March 2013

One Huge Knitted Puff

I hate to think of the amount of spam comments I'm going to get with a post title like that but it is what it is - exactly as it says on the tin (so to speak);

One huge knitted puff;

Or pouffe, if you'd rather.

Our bean bags had seen better days and when we are all together movie watching on a Sunday afternoon there are too many bums for seats and it's always me that ends up on the floor with a numb bum and pins and needles in my feet.

So I had a good old look round the web and found a wonderful knitted puff, only £92, well, that was a bit beyond my budget.

So a little more time with good old goggle (it really can be your best friend) and I found some good tutorials but the yarn suggested was (at cheapest) going to cost me around £70 and then I'd have to stuff the thing. I was resigned to a life on the floor when inspiration struck.

Around 500g of chunky sirdar click in peppercorn left over from my blanket knitting a while ago (can't find the post, sorry) knitted with a double strand on 10mm needles and stuffed with a smartprice duvet.

A good place to sit and eat your danish pastry;

Or have a snooze;

And show everyone your spiderman trainers because that will enrich their lives immeasurable;

No more numb bum for me thank you very much!

Daisie xxx


Twiggy said...

ooo you are clever, that is lovely. I can't believe how HUGE your boy is getting - blimey !!
Twiggy x

Locket Pocket said...

It looks lovely! Very clever knitting and gorgeous model too! lucy xx

Two Owls said...

Genius! That looks brilliant - and very expertly modelled too x