Monday, 11 March 2013

Mother's Day

A day to celebrate the people we have become and the people we have created.

I spent the day in and out of bed struggling to control a temp of 39/40, feeling very sorry for myself.

Four small beautiful people brought me their offerings and lemsip throuout the day.

A small oil on canvas painting from Elizabeth;

A fantastic card from Nathaniel;

School does not make Mother's Day or Father's Day cards with the children anymore which is very sad. On a Friday afternoon there is an hour of 'golden time', a reward to the children that have worked hard all week, they can choose an activity (craft, outdoor play, dress-up, TV time) and Nathaniel chose to make me a card, all on his own which makes it even more special!!

Sebastian made some foot prints with his nursery teachers, he cut out the flower and wrote his name all by himself;

Francesca made me a beautiful card filled with lots and lots of love;

Beautiful things to treasure.

It would have been a perfect day had I not had the flu from hell!!

Hope all my fellow Mummies the world over were spoilt rotten yesterday!

Daisie xxx


dottycookie said...

Lovely cards, and I hope you're feeling better today. I am sad that they didn't get to make them at school though - ours still does that and it's such a lovely time to go in and help the little ones!

Lizi said...

I'm a great artist aren't I mummy xxx love you xxx

Gina said...

Hope you are feeling better. What beautiful things to treasure from your children.

Tip Top said...

Hope you're feeling better! All my comments from December will be on this post cos I think I'm getting old as I can't make out the dammed letters and numbers in the robot test below...

Our tree looks the same although its usually lopsided (and I can't be arsed sorting it out)

Fab poof and wonderful modeling (how big is he now eh?)

And love the bags!!