Thursday, 10 November 2011

For Your Punky Christmas Tree??

In have one very poorly Francesca so we all had an early night last night (well, the three smallest people did) and as Simon was working late Elizabeth and I sat in bed knitting and stitching. I formed this idea in my head (and a very bad sketch in my knitting ideas book) a while ago to make to hang on the girls' bedroom door. Simon and I have a felt heart because we are in luurve and the boys have a Gruffalo because they are little monsters they love the story so and the girls had nothing :(

They are both a little bit girlie underneath but have a rock chicky exterior which I am nurturing somewhat.

So I dreamed up some punky, edgey, slightly girlie skulls;

The first one I made was met with great delight by Elizabeth and so I thought maybe other punky princesses may like them and then I thought how cool they'd look hanging from rear-view mirrors or on a black Christmas tree.

A few more are cut out and ready to sew, some with flowers for 'eyes' for an extra girlie feel.

Daisie xxx


Little Blue Mouse said...

I love them! The one at the bottom of the first photo is my favourite.

Swirlyarts said...

I love the one in the middle. You should make some more decorative ones as sugar skulls for Day of The Dead :)

jennyflower said...

THESE ARE ACE! (good work!) xxxx

Becks said...

Those are the most pretty unpretty things ever!