Tuesday, 22 November 2011

AWI Annual Tea Party

ooooh, I had a lovely afternoon out on Sunday, I was invited to attend the AWI Annual Vintage Tea Party, cake, tattooed ladies, singers, cake and fun.

My neighbour (and chum for the event) was the lovely Lindsay who makes bunting (needn't have killed myself making Christmas bunting being next to her!). I bullied her into setting up a facebook page which you can find here. Not much to look at yet but go like her anyway!! Her stall looked amazing;

My best sellers;

Maud up on high;

And my goodies were so many that I had to aquire an extra table from somewhere;

After the clean up the guess was that we'd made over £1000 for our chosen charity, which this year is, Derian House Children's Hospice. A charity very near to our hearts, one of the members, Kristianne, and our singing entertainment for the event, spoke openly and honestly about the care her and her husband recieved from Derian in 2007 before and after the death of their baby son Dexter. She was very brave and we were all moved to tears, sometimes we forget just how lucky we are.

Can't wait for next year!!

Daisie xxx


Ali said...

Goodness - what a brilliant fund raising effort. Well done you!

lily said...

Love your little festive decorations, congratulations and well done on raising so much money for such a worthwhile cause. x

Hannah said...

sounds like a fantastic day Thats a huge amount of money! Well done to all involved x

Becks said...

Oooh all your little makes look lovely displayed there. What a great day, all that money raised. Well done to you all.

Calmer Solutions said...

Lovely to see you as always Alex - hope you enjoyed the naughty cake.. mwahhh ahhh ahhhh- same time next year? x

Twiggy said...

Great fundraising, your stall looks lovely.
twiggy x

Two Owls said...

Amazing fundraising total, it looked like a great event all round.
Reeaally love those gruffalo tree decorations x

Sweet Mess said...

Everything looks amazing! And you table especially!
How awesome to raise that much for charity :)