Sunday, 30 October 2011

Half Term

Reasons to always have the ring sling in your handbag;

When you smallest boy insists he can walk round the park to feed the squirrels and does really well for hours and then gets freaked by a HUGE dog and falls asleep on your shoulder as the dog passes and turns into the half tonne baby as you haul him back to the car (which was miles away)!

Elizabeth, after months of thinking about having her hair all chopped off, finally decided to go for the crop. She looks amazing. She has decided to have some more taken off the back so it's more sculpted. Very grown up indeed. Am worried what the reaction at school will be tomorrow though *anxious mother alert*

We climbed some trees;

And found amusing things to do with peanuts;

We went and had a spooky party with some friends, I took two vamps and two tiny pumpkins;

We also had a playdate that turned into a carpet picnic for the children and an afternoon knitting for me.

We have lived in the bedroom all week while Simon has finished off the plasterwork in the dining room. Coving up next weekend and we're on track to have a Christmas tree this year :)

How was your half term??


Little Blue Mouse said...

Elizabeth's new haircut is lovely, and she does look grown up.

That's one cute little pumpkin!

Two Owls said...

Love Elizabeth's hair!