Wednesday, 8 June 2011


With a return to school came a show of sunshine that allowed a little more time outside for sliding;

And some see-sawing (with cheeky tongues);

And a mammoth bedroom cleaning session that meant clean sheets all round and clean 'special' teddies dried in the sun before bedtime.

Elizabeth's Albert the cat;

And Francesca's teddy Bo;

Today we have had sooo much rain but with some time owing from work I've had a day at home alone to clean like a mad woman, it's amazing what you can achieve with no small people about to 'help'!

Daisie xxx


Jude said...

Glad you've got some sunny the last pic, looks so sad and helpless.. (I know it's not real! hehe!)
Take care

Twiggy said...

They are VERY cheeky tongues - but very cute :)

I accidentally washed Piglet in the duvet cover yesterday, he is positively glowing now!!

Twiggy x

jackanne said...

hiya its great you have had good weather, yesterday we had hail stones and massive thunder storms what a day it was luckily our n ew born chicks (3)were snuggled up to mummy hen in her cage as the allotment where they live was a huge waterlogged mess,a big clean up for the next few days me thinks....x (great pics of the kids.)bless them, xx

smilernpb said...

I thought today that I could clean the house like a mad woman on my day off....OR I could just choose to accept that where ever I look there will be fingerprints and things out of place, and lego pieces and sylvanian families and so on.....and so, yes I chose to accept the fact that I have kids and therefore will NEVER have a spotless house. Unless I employ a cleaner.....? lol

Small giveaway over at mine when you have a spare moment or two. Hugs xx