Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A New Bag, A New Trick and A Birthday

Get me with these catchy, imaginative post titles!!

The lovely Lynsey over at Swirlyarts kindly donated some fabric to me in her marathon destash of late. Beautiful, yummy fabrics, all for me :)

One I particularly fell in love with, just my colours, just my style. I haven't done much making of late but couldn't wait to chop into this and make myself a new bag;

A messenger style with a 'lid' (as Francesca calls it) and big chunky wooden buttons (from Duttons ages ago);

Pockets inside for all the crap stuff I have to carry about;

And a little matching zippy pouch for my lip grease and tampons, so they don't get lost at the bottom under all the crap stuff;

After weeks of rain and misery the sun has been out and my littlest man has become brave (still screams like a girl when we go near a swing mind) and has learned to slide without clinging to the sides shouting for Mama to come save him;

He very sweetly sits at the top shouting 'ready, ready, goooooo'!!

The children and I made cards and a lemon cake for my MIL's 70th birthday at the weekend;

I cannot believe that she is that old, not that seventy is especially old but I find it hard to get my head round. We all went across to sing to her and eat cake! Happy Birthday Mavis!!

Hopefully some more makes coming soon, the new fabric has inspired me somewhat, thanks Lynsey!!

Daisie xxx


Little Blue Mouse said...

Ooh, lucky you to have some fabric donated! I love the bag you've made.

And that's some cake stand.

WendyCarole said...

Great bag

Swirlyarts said...

Welcome :)