Tuesday, 22 March 2011

It's Been So Long Since I Blogged

That I forgot Blogger puts the pictures into a post in reverse order and I can't be bothered to find the time or the energy to change it so this post will be upside down, sorry!

There are signs of spring in my garden, one solitary daffie, sitting proud under the grey skies;

Red Nose Day last friday, the girls were asked by school to come dressed in red, not having anything red or the money/time/inclination to aquire a red outfit for each of them we opted for red hair ties and red nails;

I went to work in my pyjamas, as did my collegues, haven't lost my marbles (well, not quite), we did something funny for money, some of the staff got sponges thrown at them, we all baked cakes for an after school sale and one member of staff painted faces for a donation. It was a great day and being a fool forgetting about the attire for the day I had booked some home visits, none of the families I visited seemed to mind much but I did get some funny looks in the chip shop at tea time!

I've had a birthday. I got some lovely little gifts and some generous donations to the "Hearth Tile Fund" from family and friends. My MIL bought me these sunny daffies;

The bookcases are filled (and are not big enough as I expected), please remember back-to-front pictures, and the house is coming together, the dining room has been rearranged and furniture is now in it's proper place, the house feels bright and airy, there is more room for train track building;

And wheelie-bugging and ball rolling and story telling and cosy knitting and chasing games and space of your own;

We really do have a book problem though and may soon need to attend BA: Hello, I'm Alex and I'm a bookaholic. I'll have to take you on a pictorial tour of the house and then you can see our problem in it's full glory.

Apart from a chest infection (or three) nothing much has been happening round here, I finished Francesca's hand warmers and they have not been off her hands since, I am currently knitting a birthday gift for someone, shhhhhh, and the girls have been off school so far this week feeling poorly and taking antibiotics and regular paracetamol so we have enjoyed the time together for snuggles and crap telly watching and they have been crafting away for their Daddy's birthday at the weekend.

Hope you are all well and enjoying these early signs of spring.

Daisie xxx

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Little Blue Mouse said...

Lovely to see the daffies, Spring is my favourite time of year.
I had to laugh at the thought of you doing home visits in your pyjamas!