Saturday, 26 January 2008

Windy Day!

Another exciting Saturday here, we awoke to find a very flat tyre on our car. Off we went to have it repaired but there was a huge nail embedded in the rubber so we had to buy a new one!! Not the start to the weekend one would hope for.
After the weekly shop we came home to lunch and to wrap up warm and then we were off (on our four tyres!) to visit the wind farm at Cliviger. Needless to say it was brisk! A very windy day indeed, good for creating all that green electricity! We saw lots of windmills and lots of sheep, the girls collected some wool from the long grasses to take to school on Monday.
Elizabeth took this photo of us all being very cold.

And finally a picture of my very beautiful, if windswept, Elizabeth!

We're nice and warm now sitting with a beer while all the babies sleep soundly in their beds.

Night night, Daisie xxx

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