Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Here are Lynsey's presents (before she opened them, obviously) in my very own DaisieDavies wrapping paper! Looking rather swish! Inside one was the "Mummy Chicken" hottie I made especially for her as she is the chicken queen around these parts. It goes very nicely with a mini one I made for her daughter's birthday in November.

In the round one (looks a bit like a cracker) was the fluffiest little handbag that took me an age to knit but am very pleased with the result (there will be some of these available on the website soon) and it seemed to go down quite well. With the remaining blue fluff (as it's now affectionately called in our house) I knitted her a scarf so she can now be really coordinated.

Francesca quickly found an alternative use for the bag, typical!

Can't wait to see what handcrafted delights she'll make for me in March (no pressure Lyns)!
Daisie xxx


Swirlyarts said...

No pressure at all then!!!!!

Bethany Eowyn said...

aw! such a cute photo of Francesca & lovely fluffy bag!