Sunday, 12 May 2013


That really is the best word to describe me at the moment!

It seems a long time since I started working all week, my house is not as it once was, the ironing/washing is piled high, the floors are suffering for not having their every-other-day-mop, the cooker top gets left after tea in favour of cuddles and stories, the children are missing the fresh baking that once welcomed them home from school, Sebastian is a tired grumpy boy by 6pm (being a 'Munchkin' everyday is hard when you're just three).

My role has changed dramatically too, I have lots more responsibility, the number of families I have on my case load is doubled until a replacement is found for my colleague who had to start her maternity leave ten weeks before she was due to! I have taken some speciality responsibilities from another team member who has left us for pastures new. I feel like I have been running to stand still. I'm sure it will get easier as I find my stride and I'm looking forward to the extra money too!

Only two more weeks then half term holidays for me :) We're planning a week in our tent in Whitby so please keep your fingers crossed for sunshine!

My boys fell asleep after tea while I washed the dishes.

It has't been all work, I had a very drunken weekend with some lovely friends to celebrate our 'Betty's' wedding day. It was just what we all needed and the sun even shined for the happy couple;

Watching Dr Who en mass!

We were lucky enough to have a sunny Bank Holiday Monday (am considering buying  a lottery ticket, how often does that happen in the UK?). We spent the day together playing in the park, it was perfect!

Brotherly love!

Me and our even numbered babies

Simon and our odd numbered babies

The knitting is still plodding on (on evenings when I am able to keep my eyes open when I eventually get to sit down), will show you something when it's completed.

Daisie xxx

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Twiggy said...

Hello missus
Crikey I bet you're tired, like you I'm working more hours, but needs must. I'm glad to see the en masse Dr Who watching, the finale was fab wasn't it? Twiglet had a Dr Who party for his 8th birthday last Sunday.
I can't believe how grown up your babies are now.
Thank you for the David Tennant quilt pic, you did indeed get the correct email :)
Have a lovely time in Whitby, we are hoping to get to Staithes this half term
Twiggy x