Tuesday, 18 December 2012

O Christmas Tree

We have had our fair share of trees, little cheap (read crap) ones, a real one that lived in the garden and came in for the festivities until it became too big for it's pot (it now lives in the ground at my in-law's cottage and looks very happy indeed!), a not so cheap one and a huge one we inherited when my parents emigrated last year.

It's enormous and I love it!

I don't do classy, I don't do colour themes, I don't do organised and regimented, I do chuck it all on and laugh and cry at the memories stored there.

Elizabeth's first Christmas bauble that my mother-in-law bought for her on holiday in France before she was even born;

A felt stocking that Francecsa made when in year 2 and an 'ice cube' that Elizabeth made in year 4;

A painted pasta gaarland that Elizabeth brought home from nursery school (2004), a salt dough yellow Christmas tree from the same year and a beaded pipe cleaner that Nathaniel made at nursery school;

A pudding pom pom that I made last year;

A left over button wreath I made for a fair a couple of years ago and a wooden moon that my Mum gave to me when I left home (I have a few from their tree from when I was a little girl);

Sebastian added the tin foil star he made with his childminder last Christmas, he wouldn't hear of anything else on the top;

There are all kinds of decorations that the children have made over the years and decorations we have been gifted or gathered on our travels. It does look a bit like a Christmas shop has vomitted on my tree but I do love it;

This is our 18th Christmas together, I do wonder if there will be room for all the delights we'll collect in the next twenty years and if not will we need two trees....?

Daisie xxx


dropstitch said...

Have a lovely Christmas. Your tree looks fab - practically impossible not to get into the festivities with something like that in your house, I'm sure. Enjoy!

Twiggy said...

I love your tree, I'll have to post about ours. I don't do poncey themes eviher, home made by me and Twiglet, tasteful Christmas trees are boring but family ones are the BEST.
Have a lovely Christmas
Twiggy x

Two Owls said...

It's totally perfect! I'm a fan of the 'family story' type of Christmas tree too.

Just say no to co-ordinating decorations!

Gina said...

It's wonderful... far better than colour themed or classy!

Little Blue Mouse said...

We have things that the kids made when they were little, on our tree too. They're 23 and 19 now.