Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Completed Things......

Happy new year to you all, we celebrated with an early night so we'd be fresh for January 1st (does that make us very old and boring?)!!

My knitty fingers have been busy so far this year, I completed this lovely bamboo cowl for my friend Gil, it was (and still is) a Christmas gift but as I knew I wouldn't see her until the new year there was no rush and it sat on the needles with just two rows knitted all through the festivities. I made it up all by myself and am rather pleased, it looks and feels lovely;

I knitted one in green for another friend and that was completed before the 'big day' and she loves it as much as I do although she called it a 'snood' which got me thinking what is it really?? Simon said it's a very short scarf but in the matters of the stitch I tend to ignore anything he offers! But please feel free to say what you'd call it.....

The bamboo was obviously lighter as I had much more yardage for my 100g than the cotton in green (which left me with literally seven inches over) so I knitted a picot edge (just the edge) and wrapped in round in a circle and finished it with the spare button (it was a set of four) so Gil has a brooch to match her cowl;

Which is more than can be said for the lovely rich purple wool blend I bought to make one for me!! It was expensive even in the sale. I would have had no worries buying two balls if it had been for someone else but it was just for little old me. So I got just 100g. The ball was shrinking fast and I rushed the button holes about six rows early and cast off early too and it's a little snug;

Simon said it looks like a surgical collar. I ignored him. It's lovely and purple and the hand painted buttons I added just make it fab and I will have the warmest little neck and shoulders standing in the school yard in the howling wind and rain! So ner Mr Davies!!

I also knitted a silvery scarf for my Francesca using the Rico Can Can that cost me a fortune and made my brain ache but stopped her from nagging me anymore and the smile made it all worth while;

The mitre square blanket is progressing; half way through square 12 with four more and a border to go.

Other high lights include: a completed floor, skirting board, radiators on walls (that get hot), quality family time (no DIY), a washing mountain that shifts a bit quicker now the house is warm, splendid meals eaten with special people, the In-Laws and the Out-Laws have been entertained, friends have visited, cakes have been baked and enjoyed, movies watched with popcorn but the biggest achievement of the last two weeks is this;

A naked bottom that potters around and wees in a pot!! Am super proud of my smallest man, the nappy era is nearly behind us forever, another milestone and a step away from babyhood into the unknown.

What have you done this year??

Daisie xxx


Hannah said...

I would call it a cowl, I always thought a snood was big enough to go over your head? They are lovely either way :)

Twiggy said...

I think they are cowls too, very pretty whatever they are. Well done small boy on the potty trainig and a Happy New Year to you all. Thanks for your New Year good wishes.
Twiggy x

jennyflower said...

Bless his dry little bumbo! I was wondering if you could stitch up your button holes and add some knitted or crocheted loops to give you a little extra ease around your neck? Whatever you choose to do I think these are lush. I would call them neck warmers.

Two Owls said...

I would call it a cowl too but am tempted to make up a word like scollar (cross between scarf and collar) for it! They look lovely, very snug, perfect for this weather.

Well done to the little man too!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'd call it a cowl too, although in a magazine the other week they called them snoods. Like Hannah^ I thought snoods went over the head.

Whatever you call them, yours look lovely!