Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Not My Finest Moment As A Dressmaker!!

Nathaniel is to be a Prince in the infant nativity play later this week. School, as ever, left it a little late to ask for costumes, so I quickly cobbled together an outfit from an old bed sheet and some blue felt;

I was aiming for Prince but he saw 'Ninja';

Excuse his terrible skin, it's so dry and gets sore now the weather is colder, he is Diprobase Boy but still scartches when no one is looking.

But he is delightfully beautiful and his eyes sparkle so as he's been practicing his line; "I will bring the baby an enornorous emerwald!"

Really looking forward to friday afternoon now :)

And in other random news, there is a new boy in the reception class and...... he's called....... Nathaniel!!!! My boy is now known as Nathaniel D! Outrage!! My children have never had to use the surname initial before :(

Hope you're all surviving the cold/snow/Christmas preparations etc??

Daisie xxx


WendyCarole said...

good luck for the play.

Some children I have taught are so tuned in to the" first letter surname syndrome" that they even write on their Christmas cards love from Matthew C or what ever. Even though I always say just write your first name.

Two Owls said...

What a little prince! Great costume - bed sheets are so versatile!

Have a great time on Friday ("emerwald" is too cute) x

Little Blue Mouse said...

He looks great.
Let's hope he doesn't go leaping about the stage doing Ninja moves!

lily said...

He looks fantastic, enjoy the performance and don't forget your camera.........something I seemed to do on a regular basis when mine were small and involved in school productions, I always think I was more nervous than they were! x

Tip Top said...

Hehehe - he looks reather fab as a Ninja!!