Saturday, 6 April 2013


Am in the middle of a secretish type project and I need some stars. I don't do dpns and that seems to be somewhat of a hindrance.

I have come up with these two after knitting at least a trillion over the last two days.

I liked knitting this, it is super easy and quick (which is good as I may need up to twenty) but it's just not pointy enough - even with a dampening and stretching;

This is a little more fiddly but still knitted flat which pleases me. I do like the finished star but somehow it is saying "I am a flower...."

The stars will be sewn down flat to a large flat piece of knitted fabric (sorry, can't say much in case someone is watching) so am thinking that the flower/star may look better when it's curly edges are tamed.

Ignore the size and yarn, I just used odds from my stash.

Any preference, comments, guidance or alternative suggestions will be gratefully received.

Thanking you in advance my brilliant bloggy/knitty pals x


dottycookie said...

Errrrrm - crochet? Spray starch and lots of pins till they dry? Sorry, probably not that helpful.

dropstitch said...

I've never tried knitting or crocheting a star, but I think either of these could look close to the shape you desire with a bit of creative stitching when you attach them. Are you SURE you don't do double pins? I was always scared of them, but once I did one project with them, I realised they were much easier than they looked and I ended up enjoying them. There's something so satisfyingly methodical about them. Good luck whatever you end up doing! Hopefully someone out there has the perfect solution.

Indigo Blue said...

Oh, these look complicated! Have you tried asking over at Knitsofacto blog. Might be able to help you perhaps.