Thursday, 31 January 2008

For Jemima

A small project I have undertaken to make a special little girl's nintendo DS case a bit more girlie, I hope she likes it!


And After-

There have been lots of felt creations (but sadly not so much knitting) today, see the website tomorrow for updated products.
Daisie xxx

Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Here are Lynsey's presents (before she opened them, obviously) in my very own DaisieDavies wrapping paper! Looking rather swish! Inside one was the "Mummy Chicken" hottie I made especially for her as she is the chicken queen around these parts. It goes very nicely with a mini one I made for her daughter's birthday in November.

In the round one (looks a bit like a cracker) was the fluffiest little handbag that took me an age to knit but am very pleased with the result (there will be some of these available on the website soon) and it seemed to go down quite well. With the remaining blue fluff (as it's now affectionately called in our house) I knitted her a scarf so she can now be really coordinated.

Francesca quickly found an alternative use for the bag, typical!

Can't wait to see what handcrafted delights she'll make for me in March (no pressure Lyns)!
Daisie xxx

Happy Birthday Lynsey!

A big happy birthday to my friend Lynsey! The cake gives her age away but am sure she'll not mind when she tastes it! An especially big cyber happy birthday from Elizabeth who won't get to see Lynsey today as she'll be at school :-(
We are going to Lynsey's for lunch with many handmade goodies (see pics later), why not check out her blog to see what she thought of them?

Back later with more birthday news.
Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Another busy day.

Well, after the school drop Nathaniel and I went to playgroup and sang lots of songs and played until we were so tired we cried (well he did, I didn't). After collecting Francesca from nursery school and having some lunch we cleaned the car (inside and out) it began to rain half way through so the car is perhaps not as clean as it could have been but definitely cleaner than it was! We came in to escape the rain and made a chocolate cake for tomorrow. All will be revealed in the morning, am planning two posts tomorrow, an early one and then one later, very excited. Keep watching, there will be pics tomorrow.
Daisie xxx

Monday, 28 January 2008

My First Swing!!

How cute is this! Nathaniel went on a swing for the first time today, he seemed to enjoy it!
We all had a lovely time at the park after school, it's been the first really dry day for ages and there were even patches of blue sky!!
Nathaniel also has a new tooth (so not much baby free time in the last few days), we're hoping he sleeps a bit better tonight so I can do some more knitting. Purple things coming this way soon!
Daisie xxx

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Windy Day!

Another exciting Saturday here, we awoke to find a very flat tyre on our car. Off we went to have it repaired but there was a huge nail embedded in the rubber so we had to buy a new one!! Not the start to the weekend one would hope for.
After the weekly shop we came home to lunch and to wrap up warm and then we were off (on our four tyres!) to visit the wind farm at Cliviger. Needless to say it was brisk! A very windy day indeed, good for creating all that green electricity! We saw lots of windmills and lots of sheep, the girls collected some wool from the long grasses to take to school on Monday.
Elizabeth took this photo of us all being very cold.

And finally a picture of my very beautiful, if windswept, Elizabeth!

We're nice and warm now sitting with a beer while all the babies sleep soundly in their beds.

Night night, Daisie xxx

Friday, 25 January 2008

Dull Day

Been a funny old day so far, Elizabth is at school, Francesca is being a 'Munchkin' today (at nursery for a whole day in preparation for school later this year) so Nathaniel is a little disturbed by the quiet.
I, on the other hand am not so bothered, have made minestrone for tea, done a huge pile of ironing and done a little more knitting. Pictures will soon follow of my purple mohair knitted delight.

Soon time to go and collect the girls so will leave you for today with a beautiful photograph of Nathaniel in amongst Francesca's teds.........

Think he quite enjoyed himself with Bert and Ernie!
Daisie xxx

Thursday, 24 January 2008

The man with the parcel...

Good day today, been waiting in for a parcel so have cleaned in places that haven't had a clean in a long time (even cleaned the windows)! The house is gleaming.
Lynsey, and her girls descended upon us for lunch while we waited for the man with the parcel. Alison and her lovely children came to see us too while we were still waiting for the man with the parcel!

I made some DaisieDavies paper to wrap up my Goodies in, rather pleased with it, what do you think?

Needless to say the parcel arrived after many hours of waiting and it wasn't even that exciting!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Piece of Cake!

Granny D on her way for tea after school today so in preparation Francecsa and I have baked a cake (amongst other things). I don't just make wonderful things with fabric, I can also make wonderful things with flour and sugar! It has to be pointed out that the handbags are far less fattening!!

The purple mohair has made it's way out of the knitting bag and is waiting for me to weave some wonder into it. Watch this space.....
Daisie xxx

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

It's not raining!

Am regretting typing that already, feel I may be tempting fate but so far there has not been a drop from the sky which means I have been able to take some things outside to photograph them in a good light! Hurrah! See my website later for updated pics.

I spent yesterday evening creating a new range; Sparkly Window Cards. They do exactly what it says on the tin, they have small windows onto which I have drawn girlie images (butterflies, fairies, flowers) in beautiful sparkly ink. They look really good when they stand up open as the image in the window creates an amazing shadow on the inside of the card.

And here's Francesca in another DaisieDavies original!

That's all for now folks!
Daisie xxx

Monday, 21 January 2008

Sorry Francesca!

Appologies to my smallest daughter, I didn't include a picture of her fish in my last post, so here they are!

Building An Ark

It's raining like I haven't seen rain before (well, I probably have but give me some dramatic freedom), I'm very wet indeed! Debbie at school suggested we build an Ark to stop the children from drowning, rather a good idea I thought. Who would you choose to board your Ark?
And in a very appropriate way Elizabeth and Francesca have created a paper aquarium!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Thanks Simon!

Just a quick note of recognition to the man in my life who helped to make this all possible!

A huge big thank you Simon!

New look website is now in place, please take a look!
Daisie xxx

Look What I did Today

Very small knitting!

Rather proud of this, it's so cute (even if I do say so myself), the idea came to me in the night. It says a lot about a person, I think, dreaming of knitting with cocktail sticks! The picture could be better but day light doesn't seem to have hit the north of England yet and the flash has bounced off the metallic card I have used to mount it onto a greetings card (great for any crafter's birthday). Hopefully you will see more of these on the website soon.

That's it for now but no doubt there will be more mad makes from me before too long.

Daisie xxx